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Photo Shoot Makeup and Hair

Photo studio makeup

Have an upcoming corporate or creative photo shoot and need to look your best? Photo shot makeup and artistry is especially important since the end result will not only be around forever, but also may be used to represent you or your brand image. Professional photo shoot makeup will ensure that the images taken represent you at your very best.

Photo Shoot Makeup & Hair – Creative or Corporate

No matter if you are getting ready for corporate head shots in a professional setting for marketing material or a creative and dramatic shot to push the envelope we can help. We understand the differences with different genres of photography and what is needed to make sure our client’s are camera ready. For corporate head shots and marketing our team will make sure you’re ready to present your most professional image and typically can have you camera ready in an hour. For creative shoots we can be scheduled to stay on site with our clients throughout the entire shoot to touch up during wardrobe and setting changes.

Photo shoots for men are very common services we provide. Typically for website and company photos or professional speaking engagements. You can learn more about the details of that on our Makeup for Men page here.


Secure Your Photo Shoot Makeup & Hair Today

No matter if your shot is at your place of business or a creative studio our team can schedule your appointment and be onsite for the initial phase or the entire creative process. For those who want to experiment with alternate looks prior to shoot day we can provide trials to make sure the day of will result in the exact desired look.

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