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Wedding Makeup in Eastvale, CA

Wedding Makeup in Eastvale, CA

Recently, our client Merrilee scheduled her bridal trial in October and our team was more than happy to be apart of her special day. During the trial for her wedding, Merrilee expressed that she wanted to style her hair with her natural curls, but at the same time was concerned about her hair being frizzy and how the final look would look and importantly hold from when our team completed until the event and reception after. Our hair stylist Gina recommended a Brazilian Blowout anti-frizz treatment two days prior to her wedding day.

Gina (DMSArtistry Hair Stylist), committed to the final result of the hair for our clients wedding, showed up a few days early to treat her hair and make sure it would be ready for a professional styling the day of her event. Our team showed up to Merrilee’s home on her special day and was able to build on Gina’s prior attention to detail and created her dream look for hair and wedding makeup. Once her look was completed , her family gathered around complimenting on how stunning she looked. It was a very special moment and we were honored to be a part of it. Merrilee’s wedding venue was the Hidden Oaks in Rancho Cucamonga. Check back for the professional photos of her special day, but below is a sneak peek of us getting her ready for her special day.

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